I am a regular contributor at and am a regular television and radio guest on health and wellness including,
The Steven and Chris Show on CBC, CBC radio, and various online sites. Contact me for speaking opportunities

The Steven and Chris Show – Tongue health 101

The Steven and Chris Show – How our bodies change with the seasons

The Steven and Chris Show – Why cleanse?

The Steven and Chris Show – Chinese medicine to reduce anxiety

The Steven and Chris Show – What body type are you?

Confucius Was a Foodie – Flavors and Chinese Medicine

External talks and workshops topics include (not limited to):

  • Your body is talking, are you listening?
  • Understanding Chinese Medicine signs & symptoms for wellness & prevention.
  • Food is medicine – fine tuning and customizing your diet to supercharge your health.
  • Women’s health, including; fertility, preconception health and healthy pregnancy.
  • Healthy aging and menopause
  • The importance of postpartum care
  • Digestive disorders. How to customize your diet for healthy happy digestion.
  • Integrative cancer care. A whole person approach to healing and cancer care.